Allen Martin Controls

Simple and Effective Building Management Systems

Allen Martin are a British company that have been making intelligent business management systems since 1984. The original ACM system revolutionised the monitoring and control of energy usage in property around the country, and it’s still a fantastic tool for businesses today.

Allen Martin controls are powerful in their functionality, yet are simple to use and very cost-effective. They don't believe in clutter and unnecessary hardware, that's why their building management systems are perfect for all sizes of enterprise, from a solitary nursing home to a large industrial concern.

The ecology of our planet is at the heart of all they do, so if you're committed to reducing your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills then Allen Martin controls may be your perfect choice.

ACM Energy Management Systems

The ACM system was the breakthrough system from Allen Martin. It has the hallmarks of Allen Martin controls to come, in that it is easy to install and upgrade. All future systems, including their latest eco range of building management systems, are designed to be compatible with the original ACM system of outstations and sensors.

Do you have a plant that's a long way from the central controller? That's not a problem, because Allen Martin controls have small outstations that allow easy communications between all points around your business. The information is carried to the central controller via two data cables, meaning that it's simplicity itself to install them.

Because of their simplicity, and flexibility, Allen Martin controls are also ideal for non-conventional sites such as quarries and bridges. They provide accurate and real time analysis of a range of functions. It's little surprise that they have become such a popular choice.

Renovating Your Allen Martin Controls

Has your business been using an ACM building management system for decades? Why change it? You know how effective and reliable it is, and how valuable the information it provides can be. The energy savings that it facilitates can be huge. Do you really want to go to the expense of changing, and then have to spend valuable time learning how to use a new building management system?

If the only thing that's preventing you from keeping your Allen Martin system is a lack of parts, then help is at hand. BMS Recycle stock a large range of recycled controls from Allen Martin systems. It's much cheaper than buying a new system, and allows you to continue to use the building management system that's performed so well down the years.

We have everything you need, from controllers to outstations, as well as data cables, info pads, leads and room sensors. Recycling is a valuable way of reducing carbon emissions, so the savings on your energy bill won't be the only contribution that you make to protecting the environment for our children and grandchildren. There's no reason why your Allen Martin energy management system shouldn't be providing a great service for another thirty years or more.