Building Controls

Building management controls let you control the temperature across the building. It can be automated so that the heating or air conditioning comes on when pre-determined conditions are met. In this way, you can be sure that your HVAC systems are never operating when they don't need to be. It can also ensure that the temperature remains stable throughout the year, creating the perfect conditions for working and living in.

HVAC systems control heating, ventilation and air conditioning. By carefully controlling all three elements, the perfect balance can be found. Modern HVAC systems can also monitor and control the air quality, to make conditions even more pleasant.

Building controls serve two primary purposes. They provide an easily controllable and pleasant environment for the tenants or workers, and they reduce the amount of energy wastage. With the depletion of fossil fuel supplies, the need to become more energy-efficient is growing ever more important. It also means that you'll be able to lower your energy bills. You can see how savings can be made and make instant, real time, changes to power usage.

If your employees have to work in an environment that's too hot, or too cold, then productivity will drop. You'll find a rise in staff absenteeism and a drop in motivation. That's why a pleasant, temperate environment is key to a successful business. Automated business controls allow you to monitor and change heating, ventilation, and air conditioning settings quickly and easily.

How Building Controls Work

Building management systems rely on a series of building controls feeding information back to a central controller using sophisticated software. The controls are usually discrete devices placed near to plant. They can be sensors, valves or thermostats.

Sophisticated building management systems use these building controls to send information constantly to the controller. This allows you to monitor energy usage on a real time basis, from all areas of your business. If they are used in a residential building, for example, you can see instantly how much energy each room or flat is using on a quarterly, weekly or even hourly basis. This allows you to provide accurate billing for individual tenants.

Reports can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Energy usage reports are a great way to enthuse your workers about energy conservation. When they can see the effect that their actions are having, then they're more likely to do all they can to avoid unnecessary energy usage.

Building controls don't just allow you to monitor and record energy settings. They also allow you to govern them in a quick and efficient manner. You won't need to send an engineer to a particular piece of plant, you can change its energy setting from the comfort of your own office.

Replacing Obsolete Building Controls

Building management technology is advancing all the time, and for this reason many manufacturers such as Satchwell and Trend have made some earlier systems obsolete. This can present a dilemma. You know the system works well, but you can't get the spare or replacement part you need.

Installing a new system takes time and money, but there is another way. BMS Recycle specialise in supplying recycled parts for building management systems. All of our recycled building controls are fully functional, tested, and come with a three month warranty. We offer free delivery throughout the United Kingdom, and can even help with installation through our controls company BMS Controls Ltd. Contact us if you need expert advice regarding your building controls or if you would like to buy our parts from overseas.