Johnson Controls

A Building Management System (BMS) is designed to ensure that an indoor environment is comfortable, safe, energy efficient, and productive. They are used in buildings both large and small all over the world and there are many different Building Management Systems available. However, Johnson Controls is one of the best known.

The Origins of Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is named after Warren S Johnson, the man who invented the thermostat. Johnson was born into poverty, but he had a gift for science and a burning desire to discover new things. An uncomfortable working environment led Johnson to create a device that controlled a room’s temperature. His revolutionary invention became a game changer and led to a partnership with William Plankinton, the first president of Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls has spent many years developing innovative building management system technologies for schools, offices, industrial buildings, hotels and a host of other commercial facilities. Their systems make sure that the environment indoors is just right for the building’s inhabitants: room temperatures are at the right level, fire safety systems are operational, and everyone is happy. The level of functionality in a Johnson BMS is why so many people choose to have Johnson Controls systems installed.

Maintaining Your Johnson Controls BMS

No matter how expensive a BMS is there will come a time when parts begin to wear out and maintenance is a daily task. Complex Building Management Systems endure a lot of wear and tear and it is inevitable that things go wrong from time to time. Unfortunately, though, if you are responsible for the management of a busy commercial environment, you cannot afford to have your air-conditioning or heating systems failing – it simply isn’t an option. Investing in a new BMS won’t be a viable option either as the cost would be prohibitive.

The best way to ensure Building Management Systems continue working efficiently is to implement a programme of regular servicing and maintenance. If performed regularly, servicing will help to prevent costly breakdowns and a catastrophic loss of functionality. However, as systems age, servicing can become a real headache as spare parts are not easy to come by in older and obsolete systems.

A Leading Supplier of Johnson Controls Spare Parts

BMS Recycle carries a wide range of spare parts for Building Management Systems, including Johnson Controls. We can help you maintain your Building Management System for as long as is necessary. We even carry obsolete parts for older systems, so no matter how old your BMS is, we are bound to have the necessary parts in stock should it break down and require servicing.

The Advantage of Using Recycled Parts

Spare parts can be expensive. They can also be difficult to come by if your Building Management System is older than the Ark. Using recycled spare parts makes commercial sense, every time. Recycled parts from redundant systems are cheaper than brand new spare parts, which is better for your bottom line.

Make BMS Recycle your one-stop shop for Johnson Controls spare parts and keep your commercial environment functioning 24/7.