HVAC Systems

There is an optimum condition for working in. If it's too cold we can lose concentration, if it's too hot we will feel drained of energy. HVAC systems are designed to combat this, and provide a perfect working and living environment.

HVAC systems control heating, ventilation and air conditioning. By carefully controlling all three elements, the perfect balance can be found. Modern HVAC systems can also monitor and control the air quality, to make conditions even more pleasant.

Conditions can change dramatically from one hour to the next. Our climate is becoming ever more unpredictable, and this can have an effect on internal temperatures as well. That's why it's important to be able to monitor and control HVAC systems in real time. The days of having to do this via individual control pads are long gone, sophisticated building management systems have transformed the way we regulate our environment.

HVAC Management Systems

Building management systems can control everything from lighting to CCTV systems. They also give you instant control over your HVAC systems. Sensors are placed around the property that feed information back to a central processor and controller. An easy to use computer interface allows a wide range of information to be monitored and then acted upon instantly.

You'll receive a large amount of information, all of it relevant to your building's environment. There will be accurate temperature and humidity readings for all areas of your building, as well as accurate readings showing the energy usage from your heating and air conditioning systems. This allows you to tread the fine line between creating the ideal temperature, and wasting energy unnecessarily.

With an automated HVAC system, you'll also be able to pinpoint the source of faults in your heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment. This makes maintenance and repairs much quicker and more efficient, saving you time and money.

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your HVAC Systems

Reducing energy costs is essential for every business. Energy wastage can drain away resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Heating and air conditioning is a major contributor to your heating costs, and a lot of it can be avoided through accurate monitoring and reporting.

Is your air conditioning being used too much in one particular office, or is it still operating in rooms that won't be used that day? On a cold morning staff often turn the heating controls up to full, but then don't adjust them once the temperature has reached an adequate level. These factors and more can have a major impact on your annual outgoings.

Building management controls let you control the temperature across the building. It can be automated so that the heating or air conditioning comes on when pre-determined conditions are met. In this way, you can be sure that your HVAC systems are never operating when they don't need to be. It can also ensure that the temperature remains stable throughout the year, creating the perfect conditions for working and living in.