Satchwell Controls

Flexible Building Management Systems

Satchwell are part of the Schneider Electric group, and have become one of the leading manufacturers of building management systems. Satchwell controls are famous for being energy-efficient, flexible and adaptable, and yet incredibly user-friendly.

Satchwell controls are suitable for all kinds of property, so whether you have domestic, retail, commercial or industrial premises you may find that they have the building management solutions for you.

Their IAC and Micronet system is modular, and features optional components that can be added to the central units as required. This increased flexibility makes it a superbly cost-effective solution for small to medium enterprises. The Satchwell Sigma system, conversely, is ideal for large scale operations that require advanced options and in depth monitoring capabilities.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Satchwell Sigma BMS Systems

Do you want to save money on your energy bills, and make more efficient use of your power? Of course you do, and that's just one of the benefits that Satchwell controls can provide. They provide a mixture of open platform integration technologies with state of the art communications. Put simply, monitoring and controlling your building's energy usage will be easier than ever.

One of the great things about using Satchwell controls, is that they're so easy to use. Their intuitive control panels mean that you can react instantly whenever you need to. Your building's environment will be more pleasant to live and work in, and yet you'll find that you can make significant savings on your utility bills. It's the holy grail of building energy management.

The systems from Satchwell aren't just used for heating and lighting, they can also control air conditioning and ventilation, as well as providing security solutions. Are you concerned about who can enter your building? The Satchwell building management systems allow you to operate access control from a central location.

Access and egress can be overseen by a human operator, or controlled automatically through the use of access control fobs or key cards. It's just one of the many benefits that Satchwell controls can bring to your buildings.

Keeping Your Satchwell Controls in Perfect Condition

If you already have a Satchwell building management system, you'll know how invaluable it can be. It makes everyday operations simpler, quicker and more controllable. If you need spare parts, or replacements, however, you may find them difficult to source.

The BAS 2800 and BAS 2800+ management systems may be perfect for your building, so why give up on them just because you can't get the parts you need from Satchwell themselves? BMS Recycling have a wide range of parts, and may have exactly what you're looking for. Replacing old components with recycled components is much more cost-effective than buying new, and saves time and resources when compared to installing a completely new system.

We have everything from network interface units, to power supply units, display equipment and a full range of leads and sensors. When you need to keep the advantages that Satchwell controls can bring, it pays to make us your first call.